Free Everyone’s Invited Album Download, While Supplies Last!

I’ve got 200 free download codes for our debut album, Everyone's Invited, and I want to use them up so I can stop using one of my online retailers. So I’m giving them away for free!

You’ll get a complete album download, including commercial quality MP3s plus, unlike most other download retailers, a PDF of the complete album artwork. Already have the album on CD or MP3? Give away a download as a gift!

I’ve given my current email subscribers dibs on this offer through Monday the 18th of October, but I will give away any remaining codes after that date, first come first served, to anyone else who subscribes to our email list using the below form from this post’s publication date forward. Someone else you know who’d be interested? Send them here, too!

If I don’t renew my account with this online retailer by the annual renewal date in early November, the album will disappear from their site and no longer be downloadable. Help me make that okay by helping me use up all the codes first! Act fast, while supplies last! Get your code, then download!

And if no codes are left by the time you subscribe, you’ll still get a special link to download a free song from the album anyway!

Update November 5, 2010: With about half the download codes left as of today, I will be renewing my account but still giving away the download codes until they are gone! The sign-up form remains in place both here and on the home page until then!

Update November 15, 2010: See 200 Free Album Downloads Thru Nov 30! for the updated version of this free download offer!

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