Root & Sprout Reviews Everyone’s Invited

Everyone's Invited has just received its first published review, from parenting website Root & Sprout. The album was reviewed by Lis Garrett and Kids. Lis is the senior editor and a contributing writer for Root & Sprout. We’re pleased to say that they enjoyed the album. Some quotes:

“… a distinctly different sound from the standard kid fare.”

“… brilliantly written lyrics…”

“… an eclectic sampling of funky, kid-friendly and parent-approved music that will have your little one jumpin’ and jivin’.”

“If you can stop rockin’ long enough to digest the lyrics, you just might wonder if Mark isn’t perhaps the most astute parent to have ever composed children’s music; he really has a knack for capturing the mentality of a kid.”

“… I can totally envision The Offhand Band becoming a popular household name.”

“… these songs just have a way of getting stuck in your head.”

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