Songs from Everyone’s Invited Receive Live Premiere

Last night, I performed as part of Transformational Conversations 5th Anniversary Benefit, a fundraiser created by my friend Lisa Giruzzi. Lisa and her husband Bill introduced me to Appreciative Inquiry, which I later came to use for artistic creation, including the creation of Everyone's Invited, both the album as a whole as well as each individual song.

The theme of Lisa’s event was “One Big Dream…Changes Everything!!” With our mutual friend Steph Campbell on vocals, I performed two songs from Everyone's InvitedGo Get It and On the Way. The audience seemed to enjoy the songs, especially the opportunity to sing along with the chorus of Go Get It.

So a couple of the songs from the album have now started a life beyond the album itself, into the world of live performance, and at some point I hope to have video of these performance up here at the site.

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