Help us spread the word about The Offhand Band — put these widgets on your website, blog or wherever you like!

Everyone’s Invited Bandcamp Widget

Know the little box in the sidebar and on the Everyone's Invited page where you can play the whole album online? You can get it — or any number of other versions of it. Just click on its Share button, and you’ll be taken to Bandcamp and offered a number of options for customization, including many different places where you can easily share the music.

You can grab and customize any of our individual songs’ Bandcamp widgets as well, also by clicking on Share.

Everyone’s Invited YouTube Playlist

Here’s a YouTube playlist with the whole Everyone’s Invited album. You can put it on any site with just a bit of code. Put it on your site to listen to anytime you like or to share it with your own visitors.

Grab the code right here:

It’ll look just like it does below. If you want it smaller like it is elsewhere on this site, just change the two sets of width/height numbers. Tada!


Wherever you post The Offhand Band’s Gydget, people will be able to listen to a bunch of The Offhand Band’s complete songs, read news about us through a live feed, link to our site’s Shop page, and even join our mailing list.

Pick which one you like best, the wide or narrow version, and just click on “grab it!” You’ll be able to post it to MySpace, Facebook, lots of other places, or even use the embed code to post it to any website or blog where you can add regular HTML. Lots of other ways to grab and share it, too.

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Banner 2 Banner 1 go!