Who’s Who in the Band

The Offhand Band is:
Mark S. Meritt and Friends:
Dianne Mucci

Mark S. MerittMark S. Meritt

Keyboards, songwriter/producer

Mark began playing the piano at the age of four. He has written musicals and screenplays and had agents represent them, and he’s gotten honors and citations for academic papers he’s written about ecology, evolution and sustainability. He’s played piano on national television, including one time when Rosie O’Donnell played Name That Tune to his snippets, and he co-founded a coaching and consulting company which integrated knowledge about systems sciences, positive change and developmental psychology.

These days, Mark most enjoys combining his talents in the arts with his knowledge of positive change, focusing especially on making good things happen for kids and families. This has led him to writing original songs through The Offhand Band, teaching piano lessons using the revolutionary Simply Music method (after seven years with traditional methods), and, through Potluck Creative Arts, offering Songwriting Workshops and a variety of other unique music, arts and creativity services that seek to entertain, enlighten and inspire by fostering creativity and self-expression. He also puts a fair amount of time and energy into weeding and otherwise cultivating his probably-too-big sort-of-permaculture garden and continually trying to be a bit more centered every day as a husband, father and person. You can learn more about all of these things and lots of others at MarkSMeritt.com.

Dianne MucciDianne Mucci


Dianne’s MySpace page.