Caught Red-HandedWhile The Offhand Band’s main goal is to create satisfying, positive songs that can be enjoyed and used by all ages, occasionally something we do doesn’t exactly fit this bill. Something may not be particularly positive and/or it may not be so all-ages-friendly.

Why would we do this?

They Might Be Giants once described themselves like this: “We prefer not to objectify TMBG. It’s got to be a world of unlimited potential for us. It can’t have a preset idea or style. For us, it is the musical universe — starring, not us, but other-ness.”

When it comes down to it, then, there’s a choice. The Offhand Band can do one thing, in which case other acts would have to be created to accommodate whatever doesn’t fit into that one thing. Otherwise, The Offhand Band can allow itself to explore “the musical universe,” even when some of those explorations seem to be off of the OHB’s main path. For now at least, it’s just plain old easier to do it the second way!

While we’re glad to let ourselves take these other trips, though, we want to make sure you know when it’s happening. Thus, the Caught Red-Handed logo above. Whenever you see it, proceed at your own risk, knowing that what you’re about to witness may not put a smile on your face and/or may not be so appropriate for all young eyes and ears.

Of course, you may think some songs without the red hand may not be so suitable in these ways either. We’ve got a pretty broad notion about what’s appropriate and what’s not, and it’s completely fine for you to screen anything and everything before you send it someone else’s way. Given our broad notions about this, then, when you do see the red hand, you’ll really know it’s worth screening first!