Improvising with Mop & Bucket Co.

I recently hooked up with the Mop & Bucket Co., an improv comedy troupe in New York State’s Capital Region. They’re awesome! And I’m now one of their musical accompanists.

The big musical show they do is called Spontaneous Broadway, a format created in 1995 by Kat Koppett, one of the heads of MopCo, and now actually performed by many groups around the world. It involves audience suggestions leading to the performance of a full-length (45-minute) improvised musical. It’s wild and scary and fun and challenging, like little I’ve ever done.

And MopCo even makes their shows family-friendly 🙂

Though I’ve already done other things during a couple of gigs with them, this coming Friday, November 5, will be my first time doing Spontaneous Broadway in front of an audience. Very exciting.

In addition to learning more about MopCo and all the shows they do through the link above, you can check my own general (i.e., not just OHB) performance calendar to find MopCo performances that will include me. Hope to see you!

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