My Shadow Entry for Round 4 of SpinTunes

With only two contestants having made it to the final round and me in third place behind them in Round 3, my song for Round 4 of the SpinTunes #1 songwriting contest is a “shadow” entry. There was a chance it could have become finalist if one of the top two didn’t make the deadline, but they both did, so my song was a shadow and there it will stay.

I’m really proud of it, though, and I hope you’ll check it out. It’s called Ballroom Dance. You can check out the the song, lyrics and story behind it.

The final round is being voted on by eliminated contestants, but there is still a public poll, which may be used in the case of a tie between the two finalists. Feel free to head over to SpinTunes to check out all the entries, finalist and shadow alike, and vote in the public poll if you like as well.

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