My Song in Round 3 of SpinTunes #1

Will It, my entry for Round 3 of the SpinTunes #1 songwriting contest, is complete — and your vote could make the difference in how I do.

The results are being determined by a panel of judges, but ties will be broken by popular vote, via the poll that will be up for the next few days in the right sidebar at SpinTunes. Only two contestants will move onto the final round, with everyone else being eliminated, so the vote could be very important this time around.

To be fair, especially since I failed to mention it for the first two rounds, you should know that you can vote for up to three songs in the poll. I hope you’ll give all the songs a listen and vote for the three you like best. I hope mine is one of them — The Offhand Band – Will It, as it’s listed in the poll.

You can also check out the the song, lyrics and story behind it here as well. Please note the Caught Red-Handed warning label at the top of the song’s post, the first ever for The Offhand Band. Proceed with caution!

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