Participating in SpinTunes Songwriting Contest

There are some songwriting contests out there that run like competitive reality shows, where everyone gets a challenge and has only a short time to write and record a brand new song to meet the challenge. Then there are votes, eliminations, etc., until finally one songwriter’s cuisine reigns supreme. I’ve wanted to get involved in one of these for a while, and now I’ve got my chance.

SpinTunes is a new contest run by Spintown. In this first time out, 31 flavors are competing, and I’m one of them. Lots of people from among the contest creator, judges and competitors have been involved in other similar, well-known contests, so hopefully there’ll be some interesting stuff on the playing field.

There are four rounds, each with a new challenge, and the first one begins just several hours from now. I’m going to try to keep all my entries all-ages-friendly, at least as much as I can, and I’ll make progress updates here as I go. We’ll see how far I get. Though there are judges, any ties will apparently be broken by popular vote — so I hope you’ll follow along and put your two cents in for the songs I submit!

2 comments for “Participating in SpinTunes Songwriting Contest

  1. Ed Budd
    June 22, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Best of luck, OHB! we’re rooting for you in FLORIDA!, Love The Budds

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