Interviewed on the Brent & Woofy Radio Show

A while back I mentioned that I’d been interviewed about our debut album, Everyone's Invited, for an upcoming episode of the Brent & Woofy Radio Show. Well, upcoming came and went! The interview aired on August 2 on CHLY 101.7 FM out of Nanaimo, BC. I’m not sure if it’s aired yet on CJAM 91.5 FM out of Windsor, ON, and Detroit, MI, since Brent doesn’t know either.

I knew before the 2nd that that’s when it would air on CHLY, but there had been some technical difficulties with the MP3 on Brent & Woofy’s website, so I didn’t post anything. I realize now I should have, just in case anyone near CHLY might have come across our own site here and wanted to listen to the interview on the radio! Apologies to anyone who fits that description.

Things have been sorted out as of just today, though, so you can now listen to the entire interview on MP3. The file will stay up for another several weeks, probably until early October, after which you can visit the Radio Show’s main page for information on how to contact Brent to download the episode.

Check it out!

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