Moondancing Billie Jean — My Michael Jackson Tribute

I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan, but I did really like a lot of his stuff, and in general I thought, despite whatever else one might think about him, he was a pretty fantastic songwriter.

I’d been playing around with Billie Jean for a while and decided this was the time to put it out there — Michael Jackson by way of Van Morrison. As a tribute to the late moonwalker, the first half is Billie Jean in the style of Moondance, the second half a mashup of the two.

I think it a testament to Michael’s genius that his work can be not only brilliant in itself but translate so well into other styles.

I keep the Offhand Band YouTube channel for original stuff, so this performance is on the Potluck Creative Arts channel and here through the wonder of embedding. Enjoy.

5 comments for “Moondancing Billie Jean — My Michael Jackson Tribute

  1. Mark,

    I loved your rendition. You’re right, it blends very well. I too, think Jackson was a brilliant entertainer and songwriter.. though his life, well, he had issues. I worry about his children. Who will take care of them?

  2. I enjoyed the blend of styles, Maestro Mark. Thanks for getting my toes tapping and head bobbing!

  3. I loved this! Do you have it written out in lead sheet format so all of us Simply Music Piano teachers could learn it and teach it to our students, as I know they’d love it too! I think you should lead a session in our next International SM Teachers Symposium and teach some of your wonderful arrangements and your own compositions! Are you coming to Nashville to our SM teachers meeting there?! PLEASE try to come, as it will be so much fun being in the Music City of the South!
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