Just Got Interviewed for the Brent & Woofy Radio Show

Earlier this week, I heard from Brent Boehler of Brent & Woofy. Brent also writes and performs original songs for kids and families, and Woofy is his buddy, a dog who happens to be a puppet who happens to be voiced by Brent through ventriloquism. In addition to their own albums, shows and all sorts of other things, they’ve got their very own radio show. After receiving a copy of Everyone's Invited, Brent asked me to do a telephone interview for the show.

I just got off the phone with Brent a few minutes ago. He’s quite a nice guy, and the interview was really enjoyable. It will air on the Brent & Woofy Radio Show in a few weeks on CHLY 101.7 FM out of Nanaimo, BC, then sometime after that on CJAM 91.5 FM out of Windsor, ON, and Detroit, MI. The show will also be available to listen to online through Brent & Woofy’s website.

I’ll post links when more info is available. In the meantime, there’s plenty of other cool stuff to check out from Brent & Woofy. Enjoy!

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