Patience, A Little Patience

I’d intended to have the website all done by last week, and then make a giant announcement to everyone I know everywhere about the album being released this past Tuesday, and then there’d be celebration and huge sales and who knows what.

But some things got in the way!

I had a lot to do to get up and running starting teaching Simply Music. A lot!

And the website just took longer than expected.

And I got a cold. I’ve had it for a week now and it’s still dragging me down.

Ah, well. In the past, I probably would have been really upset about being behind on plans. But I’m learning more and more to take things as they come. And I’ve been so busy lately with the album, the website, Simply Music and a few other things, maybe life is just telling me, take it easy, slow down, no rush.

Meantime, a few people have actually bought the album and a couple of singles, and that’s with pretty much no publicity. So I’d say that’s a good start.

So I’m fine. All in good time. Tada.

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