Naked Time

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Well, got to have a get-up to express just what I’m feeling myself
No goin’ through the closet full of hand-me-downs from somebody else
And I’m not goin’ shopping to indulge in any new fashion trend
They just come and go
But, indeed, I know
On what I can always depend

It’s naked time!
Take it all off and dance
It’s naked time!
Even your underpants
It’s naked time!

There’s nothing less expensive and it never ever goes out of style
And it’ll always fit me even if I don’t wear it for a while
Yeah, it’s with me forever and there’s nothing in which I look more cute
It’s my outfit prime
Don’t you know that I’m
Talking about my birthday suit

It’s naked time!
Take it all off and dance
It’s naked time!
Even your underpants
It’s naked time!

When you’ve got all your clothes off you’ll be lettin’ loose and feelin’ so free
Some do it all the time but even sometimes is a nice way to be
And if you really can’t, well, you can still pretend when you’re in the mood
Every gal and gent
And the President!
We can have a nude attitude

It’s naked time!
Take it all off and dance
It’s naked time!
Even your underpants

It’s naked time!
Take it all off and dance
It’s naked time!
Even your underpants
It’s naked time!
It’s naked time!

This song and the album it comes from were written using Appreciative Inquiry and Internal Family Systems. With IFS, we can talk about different parts of ourselves as if they are separate people. Hopefully that clarifies why these stories at times refer to he, she and we!

Years ago, I’d seen Dana Carvey talk about “naked time” in one of his stand-up routines. His little kids liked to be naked all day long, so they bargained with the kids, letting them have naked time for a bit of each evening. When that time would roll around, the kids would ask if it was time, and when it was, they’d strip down and cheer, “It’s naked time!” And he noted that it was wonderful how free they were.

Carvey’s routine stuck with me. Before I’d started any real work on the album, I’d had only one idea at all for it: naked time. I’d wanted the album to get across ideas about being who we really are, and I wanted to do that in a fun way, but I also knew that some of the ideas I’d wanted to get across in the album might be seen as a little provocative. I thought it would be good to combine the fun and the edginess, to sort of poke fun at the edginess itself and make it as innocent and safe as it really should be. A song about naked time seemed to fit the bill nicely.

Part of the goal for the album was to make songs that wouldn’t sound like typical kids’ songs but, instead, would sound like “regular” rock and pop songs. This is what would really help all ages to enjoy the songs together. With the baudy and fun notion of naked time, it seemed like a natural to set it to an upbeat rhythm and blues tune. Well before writing anything else for the album, I’d doodled on the piano and come up with the main horn riff that first appears at the very beginning of the song. So to the tiny little lyrical seed I had, the naked time idea itself, I now added a tiny little musical one.

When the first couple of songs were done, I felt like it was the moment to finally get down to naked time. I did an Appreciative Inquiry, and lots of fun lyrical ideas came out of it. For the music, I thought especially about classic, rock-y sorts of R&B sounds like Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett, and the revivals given to their kinds of songs by The Blues Brothers and The Commitments. I remembered in particular the version of “Shake Your Tailfeather” done by Ray Charles with The Blues Brothers, thinking it had just the right upbeat kind of feel, not to mention that it had its own bit of edgy bodily fun in being about shaking one’s behind. Soon enough, the tune was fleshed out (no pun intended!) as well.

This would be the first of four songs in a row where the AI and writing weren’t consciously done with a particular part of me, but I had a sense that different parts were stepping up to the plate, so to speak, focusing on different and appropriate topics. Later, when it became clear that each part should have its own song, a part of me that’s very interested in taking care of business “claimed” this song. His appreciation of bold leadership went with the edginess of the song. It also resonated with him because of how the main idea of being who one really is was the main driving force behind the album project as a whole and tied very much to the choice to invest so much of myself in the album — and because it was something that he himself wanted to bring more of to his own seemingly opposite priority of getting down to business.

The next song written for Everyone's Invited was Whaddaya Say? (The Saga of Sam).

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Written by and Circle P - Phonorecord Copyright&© 2008 Mark S. Meritt (BMI). All rights reserved.

Dianne Mucci – Vocals
MSM – Instruments

Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by MSM in the basement in the village, Red Hook, NY, using a MacBook Pro, MOTU Digital Performer 5.13, Native Instruments Kontakt 3, Quantum Leap Colossus, and an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88.

Vocals recorded in the garage on the mountain, Bloomingburg, NY.

Release Date: November 11, 2008
Album: Everyone's Invited
Track Number: 1
Length: 2:55

Written: 3rd of the 12 songs for the album, starting January 18, 2008
Key: A
Arranged: 3rd, starting March 11, 2008
Vocals recorded 2nd, July 22, 2008
Mixed: 1st, starting September 8, 2008


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