Kids Sampling the Songs

This morning, we had a two-hour delay which turned into a full day off due to, what do they call it?, something like non-weather-related circumstances. It was a bomb threat. In any case, the two kids we watch in the morning were here with my daughter, and they cracked out Everyone's Invited — I didn’t have anything to do with it, I swear 🙂

They listed to a couple of songs, and then they would listen to each song for about 10 seconds and skip ahead to the next. I wasn’t sure if they were just not liking what they heard or if that’s just how they felt like listening at the moment. I’m fine if it was the first, but I actually think it was the second, since there were a few songs listened to that way that I know for sure my daughter likes.

Part of me was tempted to say, “Hey, why don’t you listen to the whole song?” But I didn’t. Who knows, I thought there must be some use for them in listening that way!

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