Everyone’s Invited Officially Released Today

Everyone's Invited, the debut album of The Offhand Band, is officially released today.

Why today? And is it really available?

Good questions.

I had to pick an official release date for getting the album set up through some stores, and Tuesdays are a typical release day for the recording industry. Weeks ago, I knew the manufacturing was supposed to be done on November 6, and it was to take two business days to get some discs to one of the two online stores that will actually sell the physical CDs, and they said it would take one day to get it into the system. Perfect, a Tuesday, November 11.

The album is, in fact, available there today, but apparently only as an MP3 download — it will take a few more days for the physical CD to be available. But as of today, then, the MP3 version is actually available through more than one store, so I’d say that counts as a release. Want the CD but finding it out of stock? Send CDFreedom / Nimbit / CD Baby lots of emails and phone calls so they’ll know to ask for a whole lot more at once instead of only a few at a time! Or you can always buy a CD in person — I’ve got plenty!

Check out the Shop page for information on how and where to get the album on CD and MP3. Enjoy!

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